Grandmother of Heroin Arrested on Federal Charges

Grandmother of Heroin Arrested on Federal Charges

A 79-year-old woman that has been named the "Grandmother of Heroin" and her 54-year-old son have been arrested with around $150,000 worth of heroin. It is estimated that the 21 ounces of heroin is equal to 8,400 dosage units. With some heroin addicts using four or five doses per day, this amount of heroin can reach significant numbers of people. The woman is said to be the main supplier of heroin in the Permian Basin.

Grandmother of Heroin Implicated in Woman's Death

The pair have been said to be the largest heroin traffickers in Midland County, with the Grandmother being on federal probation at the time of her arrest for a 2006 drug trafficking conviction. In the 2006 drug trafficking case, the Grandmother's husband, son, and grandson were implicated in drug trafficking.

When a 19-year-old woman died from a heroin overdose, the Grandmother was once again under suspicion. The young woman's body was found dumped on the side of the road. Two men arrested for involvement in the young woman's death explained they received their heroin from the Grandmother. The Grandmother and her son were then arrested in connection with the young woman's death.

Due to the young woman's death, the heroin-dealing duo currently face over forty years in federal prison on charges of possession with intent to distribute. Federal charges have longer conviction times for those that contribute to a person's death through the use of narcotics.

Being brought up on drug crimes charges can carry serious consequences, as evidenced by the case of the Grandmother of Heroin and her son. Those that have been accused of drug crimes should hire an experienced drug crimes attorney in order to present a strong defense in the courtroom.

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