Plano Crime Safety Meeting

Plano Crime Safety Meeting

With many of the recent events that have been happening in Plano, and especially the case of the missing Plano woman, the city is hosting the biggest crime safety meeting in its history.

Plano Crime Safety Meeting

Nearly 200 people are expected to appear at the meeting. Spurned by the alleged abduction in Plano over Labor Day weekend, many woman have expressed concern over their safety in the community.

Law enforcement will provide tips on how to increase personal safety from crime, including how criminals select their target, how to minimize the risk of being a target for crime, and how to stay away from dangerous situations.

Three key tips provided by the officers before the event to stay safe from crime is to be aware of the surrounding area, trust gut instincts, and plan in the event that something goes wrong.

Crime safety meetings occur throughout the year, but increase in popularity when a crime hits the community particularly hard.

Basic Crime-Prevention Tips

Taking some basic steps when in public can help avoid being a target for crime, for any person.

Some tips on staying safe in public are:

  • Avoid high heels, sandals, or other shoes that make running difficult
  • Stay off cell phones and do not listen to music when walking alone
  • Secure money in wallets and purses before leaving ATMs
  • Walk with friends or in crowds when possible
  • Try to avoid looking like a tourist when visiting a new place

While none of these tips are guaranteed to stop crime, they can help diminish the likelihood that a person will be charged with a crime. However, crime can happen no matter how well prepared a person may think they are.