Prescription Pill Smuggling Ring Discovered in Texas

Prescription Pill Smuggling Ring Discovered in Texas

Just because a drug is considered legal in the United States does not mean its sale or use is legal. The distribution of prescription drugs is controlled, and misusing these substances can carry legal consequences. For three Athens, Texas residents, the intent to sell prescription drugs brought in China has led their arrest. The group will be facing severe federal penalties.

Illicit Prescription Drugs Lead to Arrest of Three

The accused are said to have purchased imitation, unapproved, and misbranded drugs from China with the purpose of selling the prescriptions in the United States. They conspired to smuggle at least 30 individual shipments of imitation Xanax, Valium, sibutramine, Cialis, Viagra, and Ambien, totaling 100,000 pills.

The pills were placed in mislabeled boxes and declared at customs as gifts with low monetary value. Multiple addresses were used in the attempt to mislead authorities that may have taken a closer look at the contents of the boxes.

Once the accused became aware that authorities were looking into their smuggling operation, they informed friends and family members to destroy associated evidence.

The accused are facing charges of:

  • Conspiracy to smuggle merchandise into the United States
  • Introducing misbranded drugs into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud or deceive
  • Smuggling
  • Tampering with a witness

Prescription Drugs May Not Be Legal

Part of why the purchase and reselling of prescription drugs can be illegal is due to the perceived public safety threat that can occur when mislabeled and non-prescribed drugs are taken by those that have not received clearance by a licensed physician.

The legality of a drug in the United States largely depends on its intended use and whether or not it was prescribed by a licensed physician. Using any substance outside of its intended means can land a person in legal trouble.

If arrested for the use, possession, or resale of prescription, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to discuss your case!