Surviving the First Holidays Post-Divorce

Surviving the First Holidays Post-Divorce

The holiday season both marks the end of the year and a completely new beginning for the year ahead. If a person has separated from a spouse in the prior year, this time can be intimidating. From deciding which parties a person can attend, to spending the holidays apart from children, the first holiday season following a divorce can be one the hardest ones.

Start the Holiday Season Off Right

This holiday season, make it a priority to stay joyful with realistic expectations. By going into this time with a positive attitude, a person can make this big step a little bit easier.

Five ways to survive the first holidays after a divorce is by:

  1. Spend time with friends and family to avoid navigating this terrain solo, and reach out to other individuals that may be spending their holidays alone.
  2. Create a holiday vacation schedule with the former spouse to ensure that both parties experience ample time with the children and leave the children out of any conflicts that may occur.
  3. Avoid places that formerly held special memories, and instead opt to make new memories.
  4. Try to schedule a vacation around the holidays, even if just to spend time with a friend in a nearby city to get some relaxation
  5. Make a New Year's Resolution that allows a person to put themselves first and gets the new year going in the right direction.

Holidays following a divorce can be difficult. Taking a moment to end the year on a positive note can set a firm example for the year ahead.