The Role of Grandparents When a Couple Splits

The Role of Grandparents When a Couple Splits

Grandparents can be in a difficult position if their grandchild's parents decide to no longer stay involved with one another. They can often be caught in the cross-fire when they try and see their grandchild following a separation, as there may still be tension between both sides. Even if it is difficult, grandparents are able to provide invaluable assistance during this time.

Grandparents Are Vital to Grandchildren During Separations

When the separation occurs between a couple, grandparents are often able to be on the front lines as a source of support and care for grandchildren.

When a grandchild is involved in a separation, grandparents should:

  • Keep their home open to their grandchild just as they would if their parents were together
  • Focus on fostering a relationship with the grandchild
  • Avoid discussing the details of the parent's relationship with the grandchild
  • Allow the grandchild to open up about their feelings without prying
  • Provide a positive space to discuss what the grandchild needs to
  • Do not try and get information from a child, since it may be private and personal
  • Reinforce the importance of healthy relationships with all extended family

Grandparents have a unique role in a separation since they care about the grandchildren, as well as the parents of the grandchild. This dual relationship means that grandparents are looking out for the best interests of their child and their grandchild and can help steer both in the best direction following a split.

While grand-parenting following the separation of parents can be extremely difficult, it is important for a grandparent to cement their supportive role in a child's life. Grandparents have the right to a relationship with their grandchildren, and no parent should deny their child this relationship. If you are a grandparent that is having a hard time seeing your grandchild, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to discuss your case with experienced family law attorneys.