What Is the Plan to Achieve Self-Support?

What Is the Plan to Achieve Self-Support?

One of the reasons why the definition of disability is so strict when it comes to applying for Social Security disability benefits is because the Administration seeks to incentivize returning to work. Unfortunately for many Americans, returning to work may mean losing medical benefits that a person requires to cover their condition. The Social Security Administration realizes that going to work may prevent a person from receiving medical treatment, and have instigated programs that encourage those that have filed for disability benefits to return to work.

The Plan to Achieve Self-Support Encourages Work

The Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) is one such program that encourages those with disabilities to return to the workplace. By increasing their monthly disability payout, PASS will allow a disabled individual to set aside the necessary money to obtain services or items that they need to achieve their work goal.

A person is eligible for PASS if:

  • They would be eligible for Supplemental Security Income based on disability if it wasn't for their income or assets; or
  • They are currently eligible for Supplemental Security Income but other income reduces the amount that they receive; and
  • Using PASS will help a person reduce or eliminate the benefits they receive from Social Security.

The first step of PASS is providing a written, detailed plan that will help a person obtain a job that they'd like or a business they'd like to start, including a timeline for accomplishing this goal.

Upon completing the detailed plan, the application will be brought or mailed to a Social Security office. Social Security will review the plan and connect application with Social Security employees trained to work with PASS applicants. A PASS expert will work directly with the applicant to determine if the goal is reasonable and discuss changes directly with the applicant.

Social Security will examine the plan and see if the prices listed to achieve the goal are fair, and approve or deny the request. If a PASS request is denied, the decision can be appealed.

PASS may be a great option for those seeking to return to the workplace. For any further questions about the PASS program and how it can benefit your situation, contact the Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC!