Frisco Teenager Murders Strict Parents

Frisco Teenager Murders Strict Parents

A 16-year-old Frisco teenager has been arrested and charged with the murder of his parents. The boy is being held at the Collin County Juvenile Detention Center and he is currently being charged as a juvenile in court for the murders.

Kind-Hearted Boy Commits Killings

The shooting occurred at 2 a.m. on a Monday. Law enforcement responded to a call about shots being fired and found the boy and his sister on the front lawn. The bodies of the mother and father were found inside the home, as well as a rifle with a flashlight taped to it.

The boy was the youngest of 5 children and is said to have gotten along with everyone. Neighbors and friends have noted that his parents could be strict. He was not able to drink soda, use the internet without supervision, watch R-rated movies, and had an early curfew. If he did watch a PG-13 movie, Clear Play was used. Clear Play is a parental control device that automatically skips over violent, profane, nudity, or drug-oriented content in movies. He would be punished for breaking these rules.

The boy is considered kind-hearted and friendly by the community he has lived for eight years. It is unknown where the boy got the rifle that was used in the killings and police have not listed any motive.

Adult or juvenile sentencing?

Since the crimes are felonies, the court can determine whether the boy should be tried as an adult. The difference between juvenile sentencing and adult sentencing can be drastic. A juvenile is likely to be sentenced in a way that will help rehabilitate while adult sentencing is focused on incarceration.

The court will consider a few factors before deciding:

  • Previous criminal record
  • Seriousness of the offense
  • Sophistication of the crime
  • Previous rehabilitation attempts
  • Belief in future rehabilitation

A criminal defense attorney can provide counsel for juveniles facing for serious crimes. A skilled attorney can help argue why a child should be tried as a juvenile, rather than an adult.

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