Pot Brownie Teen Has Charges Reduced

Pot Brownie Teen Has Charges Reduced

In an earlier Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC blog posting, a Texas teenager was facing life in prison over the manufacture of marijuana-spiked brownies. Recently, the charges against the teen were reduced so that he no longer faces such stiff sentencing for the crime.

Pot Brownie Baking Teen Relieved

The original charge leveled against the teen had him up against a first-degree felony carrying a sentence of 10 years to life in prison. The reduced charges are focused on possession of hash oil and marijuana. The more serious charge can carry 2-20 years in prison.

The teen had his apartment searched in April after a pregnant neighbor called to report the smell of marijuana. Police found hash oil, marijuana, and brownies containing these two substances. The brownies were individually marked and allegedly packaged to sell.

Marijuana Concentrate Sentencing

Due to Texas sentencing restrictions related to hash oil, the teen was facing extreme sentencing. Marijuana concentrates are treated much more harshly than marijuana buds. The laws on marijuana concentrates also include what it is diluted in as part of the drugs weight. In the instance of the teenager's pot brownies, the weight of the batter was included in the marijuana concentrate charge, leading it to appear he was in possession of significantly more than he actually was.

In Texas, possessing hash oil and concentrates carries a felony sentencing, regardless of amount. The amount of concentrates can determine length of incarceration and fine amount. Most possession charges carry a fine of up to $10,000.

Drug charges in Texas can be serious business. If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime involving marijuana concentrates and hash oil, contact a drug defense attorney immediately.