Selfie at Marijuana Field Lead Police to Suspect

Selfie at Marijuana Field Lead Police to Suspect

A selfie at the scene of a multi-million dollar marijuana grow operation has given law enforcement potential evidence against suspects. During the operation, officers found a phone with potential photos of one of the suspects involved.

A tip in June led officers to a four acre field off of Highway 6. Officers waited until mid-August to conduct an in-depth investigation into the grow operation and allow the plants to grow. Marijuana plants as tall as 14 feet were found in the field.

Around 9,000 to 10,000 plants have been harvested, with a street value estimated at $10 million. Each plant can yield around 2 pounds of marijuana per plant. Marijuana is estimated to cost around $500 per pound. The Red Gully was used as the main source of water for the plants, and was pumped through pipes and hoses to water the plants.

Suspects Lived at Site of Grow Operation

When officers arrived on all-terrain vehicles and boats to the site, two men were seen running from the field. One of the men shot at officers with a pellet gun. Tracking dogs and helicopters were used to track the suspects.

Items at the site lead officers to believe that the suspects were camping out at the site. A radio, toiletries, soap, food, clothes, personal belongings, and a handgun were left behind. A makeshift kitchen was found under a tarp. One of the suspects left behind a cell phone containing a selfie which police believe identifies the suspect.