Still No Arrests in Case of Father Killed In Front of Home

Still No Arrests in Case of Father Killed In Front of Home

It has been four months since a Dallas father was found dead in his own driveway, and still the police don’t have any suspects in the investigation. In hope of finding answers, the victim’s family is now offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help capture the killer.

R. Castillo, was a married father of two young girls. His 15-year-old daughter said that she lost her best friend when her father died. She and Castillo’s 3-year-old daughter proudly wear necklaces with his thumbprint around their necks.

On the night of Dec. 08, Castillo went out with his friends. His wife heard gunshots at 1 am, but she didn’t see anyone outside of her home. When Castillo wasn’t home to drive his daughters to school the next morning, his family became worried and began searching. It didn’t take them long; they found him sitting in his parked car in the driveway, with the engine running.

His wife said that he looked like he was sleeping. She said that she touched him and told him to wake up, “You’re okay,” she said. “Wake up.” At that moment, she saw the bullet holes and she knew her husband was dead.

Dallas Homicide Detective Tommy Raley said that he believes that someone was at Castillo’s home the night of Dec. 08, waiting for him.

Raley said that it shows him that it’s personal, and that his killer was someone who knew him, someone who was obviously upset with him.

His wife says she doesn’t know anyone who would want to hurt her husband. She said that her husband doesn’t like drama, and that he didn’t like problems; he would try to avoid it. That is why her family has so many questions, and is wondering why this would happen to her husband.

The family says that they are both scared and confused.

The family is offering a $5,000 reward for a tip that leads to the apprehension of Castillo’s killer, and Crime Stoppers is also offering a $5,000 reward, bringing the total reward money to $10,000.

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