Will I Need a Special Medical Exam to Qualify for SSD Benefits?

Will I Need a Special Medical Exam to Qualify for SSD Benefits?

Once you have applied for Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Administration (SSA) may decide that you need to have a special medical examination or take a certain test before it can determine if you qualify for benefits.

When you apply for SSD benefits, the Disability Determination Services in Texas is the agency that reviews your disability claim. It is the state agency (in this case Texas) that makes the disability decision.

If the employees at the state agency decide that they need more information before they can determine if your condition meets the definition of a “disability,” they will ask you to take a specific test or receive a special medical examination, either of which the SSA will pay for.

In some cases, the SSA is even willing to pay for certain travel-related expenses.

If you are asked to see a doctor who is not your regular doctor, the SSA can send a copy of the results to your doctor if you ask them to.

Your Responsibilities as the Applicant

As the applicant, the SSA has a few requests of you. The agency asks that if you are unable to keep the appointment that they made for you, that you notify the state agency right away.

If you do not notify the state agency that you can’t make your appointment, they will make a decision based on the information that they already have on your case. With little information to go on, they may decide that you are not disabled.

When you do have the exam or test, please cooperate with the attending physician. The doctor or medical personnel who conduct your test or exam can only get the medical information requested by the state agency, they will not play any role in determining if you are disabled. The doctor will not prescribe any medication, nor will they prescribe any course of treatment.

Making the Decision

Once the exam or test is complete, the doctor will forward the report to the state agency. From there, the state agency reviews the doctor’s report and all other relevant information pertaining to your case.

The state agency will make a disability decision and send you a letter to inform you. If you are dissatisfied with the state agency's decision, you have the right to an appeal.

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