Attorney General Ken Paxton Faces Felony Charges

Attorney General Ken Paxton Faces Felony Charges

Attorney General Ken Paxton is expected to turn himself in today at the Colling County Courthouse, and he likely won’t have the support of other leaders in office.

Paxton is facing felony charges for failure to register as a financial agent and securities fraud, the first of which he has admitted to in a civil proceeding.

His lack of a public defiance indicates that Paxton is preparing for the legal battle of his career. On Sunday, Paxton, and his attorney and political spokesperson did not comment on the charges, nor did they deny the allegations.

In a statement, Paxton’s attorney Joe Kendall, a former federal judge, said that Judge George Gallagher left specific instructions for both parties to refrain from commenting on the matter. Attorney Kendall said that they are honoring the judge’s instructions.

Paxton’s response to the allegations was a far cry from the indignant denials expressed by other Texas leaders in the past who found themselves indicted. The state’s top law enforcement official is under a dark cloud of judgement, and his career may be diminished under the public scrutiny.

The odds against Paxton are stacking up: The investigation against Paxton was conducted by the Texas Rangers; a grand jury in Collin County indicted him; and the charges stem from his questionable involvement in financial deals.

In 2011, Paxton allegedly encouraged investors to put over $600,000 into Servergy Inc., based out of McKinney. He’s been charged with failing to disclose to investors that he was earning a commission on their investment, and he allegedly misrepresented himself as another investor.

Paxton’s case was heard in Collin County, which is known for its conservatism. The evidence against him was obtained by the Texas Rangers and the charges involve deals under investigation by state and federal authorities, theDallas Morning News reports.

While Paxton is under indictment, he can remain in office. If he is convicted of a felony, his law license would be suspended and he would be out of a job. If that were to occur, Gov. Greg Abbott would name a replacement, who would be confirmed by the Senate.

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