Safety Tips for Portable Generators

Safety Tips for Portable Generators

When there’s a big storm and your power goes out, having a portable generator can be a saving grace. But we can’t forget that generators also pose serious hazards, which can put our lives at stake.

Portable generators are internal combustion engines that are used to generate electricity. They are great for providing temporary or remote power during a power outage, or during cleanup and recovery efforts after a hurricane, tornado, or other natural disaster.

Some of the hazards associated with generators, include:

  • Noise hazards
  • Shock and electrocution from improper use
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning from the exhaust
  • Fires from refueling the generator improperly
  • Fires from improperly storing the fuel for the generator

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

While portable generators are valuable to have around, especially when you live in the country or the outskirts of town, they can be very dangerous. The exhaust from a generator contains poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill you and your family in a matter of minutes.

Since we can’t see or smell CO, it’s known as the “invisible killer.”

What to do:

  • Read the owner’s manual and the label on your generator, and follow the directions.
  • Only use the portable generator outside, and far away from your home.
  • Install CO alarms with battery backups in your home near all sleeping areas.
  • If you start to feel sick, weak, or dizzy, go outside and get fresh air immediately. CO poisoning from the generator’s exhaust can rapidly lead to incapacitation and death.

What not to do:

  • Never use the portable generator inside a structure, such as a home, garage, shed, or other enclosed space.
  • Do not use a portable generator near any openings to your home, and this includes windows, doors, or vents. Keep the generator far away from your house.

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