Social Security Disability: A Lifeline for Millions of Americans

Social Security Disability: A Lifeline for Millions of Americans

Each year, millions of American workers and their families rely on the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program to help pay for the basic necessities of life.

Since it was established nearly 60 years ago, millions of workers have benefited from the SSDI program, which provides benefits to workers in the event of a serious illness or long-term disability.

According to The White House, the 11 million Americans who are receiving SSD benefits are facing a deep and abrupt 19 percent reduction in their benefits if lawmakers fail to address the shortfall in the program’s reserves.

Who the SSDI Program Helps

If a worker cannot maintain substantial employment due to a disability that has lasted at least 12 months or is expected to result in death, SSDI replaces a portion of the worker’s lost income.

To receive benefits, the worker must have paid into the program to qualify. While the benefits are modest, they help families pay their basic bills and put food on the table.

Today, over 150 million workers are covered by the SSDI program, which means that if they became severely disabled and couldn’t work and earn a living, they would be entitled to SSD benefits.

Currently, 11 million Americans are receiving SSDI benefits. That includes 9 million workers, 2 million dependent children and spouses. Around one million veterans are receiving SSDI as well.

The White House Calls for Congressional Action

While disability benefits are modest – only about one-third of what workers received before they became disabled, the benefits still make a meaningful difference in these workers’ lives.

Unfortunately, SSDI beneficiaries face an abrupt 19 percent reduction in their disability benefits in 2016 if lawmakers fail to resolve the shortfall in the program’s finances, which was caused by population growth, the aging population, and the increase in the women’s labor force.

The president proposes to rebalance the Social Security program so that workers with disabilities and survivors continue to receive the full amount of benefits while lawmakers develop longer-term policies that promise solid solutions and a stronger Social Security program.

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