"Evening Burglar" Strikes Again in Plano Area

"Evening Burglar" Strikes Again in Plano Area

Just last week, it appears that the alleged “evening burglar” of the Plano and North Dallas area expanded their range by hitting two homes in the Allen area. While there is no official proof that the crimes have been committed by the same individual, nearly 20 of these burglaries have been very similar. This has sparked law enforcement to believe the same individual or group is responsible.

Two break-ins were reported in two different neighborhoods in the City of Allen. The burglar or burglars broke into the homes between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. as the families were away. Cash and jewelry were reportedly taken from one residence as the family was out for dinner. They stated that they were gone only a little more than an hour.

Silent since December, could the burglar be back?

There haven’t been any burglaries in the Plano or North Texas area that met the criteria of what officials deem to be the “evening burglar” since early December. The two recent thefts, however, have caused Allen police to fear that the burglar is back and relocated to their area. Police noted that this burglar usually strikes in the early evening and may be casing neighborhoods to see when victims leave their homes. Officers also commented that these crimes usually happen in the middle of the week, such as Wednesday or Thursdays.

As Allen police keep a close watch for similar patterns to emerge, they encourage all residence to stay alert and call in any tips they may have about suspicious individuals or vehicles. There is a growing concern over safety, as the alleged “evening burglar” continues to get more brazen with the increasing number of crimes they commit.

If the burglar is caught, police will have to prove that they were connected to the more than 20 crimes they believe were committed by the same individual or individuals. This will be challenging, as they will need some type of compelling evidence to demonstrate this.