Justice Department Appeals Judge Hanen's Decision

Justice Department Appeals Judge Hanen's Decision

The U.S. Justice Department has filed an appeal against a Texas federal judge’s ruling that blocked Obama’s immigration plans. The Justice Department is hoping that a federal judge will hold his ruling that has temporarily blocked President Obama’s executive action that would protect over 4 million illegal immigrants from deportation.

Justice Department officials filed an appeal of Judge Hanen’s decision, and they are asking that Obama’s executive action continues to move forward as the appeal moves through the courts.

The Justice Department is asserting that U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen “lacked authority to issue the preliminary injunction.”

Hanen’s temporary injunction was issued on Feb. 16 after 26 states, including Texas filed a lawsuit in December. Proponents of the lawsuit argue that Obama’s immigration plan would cause irreparable financial harm to the states.

Republican governors from 26 states are in the midst of suing the Obama administration, claiming that the President has overstepped his boundaries. GOP lawmakers have attached riders to the Department of Homeland Security funding bill, which will defund Obama’s immigration scheme.

The bill must past this week in order for the DHS to remain open. The funding for the department is expected to run out on Friday.

In the meantime, Obama has taken his message on the road to Florida, where he plans to hold a meeting on immigration at Florida International University and an interview with Telemundo, the Spanish-language television network.

“This is about the president doing what presidents are supposed to do, which is traveling across the country and talking about their priorities for the country,” said Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary. “There is no question that one of the president’s priorities is reforming our broken immigration system.”

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