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Why Were My Disability Benefits Denied?
Why Were My Disability Benefits Denied?

You will likely apply for Social Security Disability benefits when some illness or disability prevents you from working. These benefits are extremely important, as they help you keep your home and maintain your medical needs even though you are unable to obtain employment. ...

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Blog posts in January, 2015

  • When Do Police Need a Search Warrant?

    Under the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, citizens are entitled to privacy when they have an expectation of that privacy. Law ...

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  • Tips to Keep the Cost of Divorce Down

    One of the things that should never prevent someone from getting out of a marriage is worrying about the cost of divorce. When divorce is on the ...

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  • Posting Bail After an Arrest

    Have you been arrested in connection with a crime? The first thing you want to do is get out of jail. In order to do so, you will likely have to post ...

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  • What SSDI Benefits Are Available to Breast Cancer Patients?

    Breast cancer develops in the cells of the breast, affecting both women and men. Doctors that diagnose breast cancer oftentimes begin an aggressive ...

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  • What Is Constructive Possession of a Controlled Substance?

    Prosecutors in the United States come down hard on drug crimes. So hard, in fact, that you can be accused of drug possession even if the drugs are not ...

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  • When a Stepparent Can Adopt Their Stepchild

    The modern American family has shifted to blended families, or marriages between people that have children from previous marriages. This means there ...

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  • Can I Request the Location of My Trial To Be Moved?

    When someone is being brought up on criminal charges, they will have to stand trial in the courtroom in the county the crime is said to have occurred. ...

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  • SSDI Benefits Have Income Limits

    When someone has an established physical or mental disability, they are eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). These ...

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  • How to Choose the Best Drug Crime Lawyer

    When you have been arrested for a drug offense, you need the help of a seasoned drug crime attorney. Texas does not take the prosecution of drug ...

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