Cocaine Trafficking Violates Texas Controlled Substances Act

Cocaine Trafficking Violates Texas Controlled Substances Act

As in all other states in the country, cocaine use, possession, sale, and trafficking is illegal in Texas. Cocaine trafficking is defined as knowingly selling, purchasing, delivering, or manufacturing cocaine. In fact, cocaine trafficking is in direct violation of the Texas Controlled Substances Act. This act decrees that someone can be found guilty of drug trafficking if it can be proven that they delivered cocaine to a person or place.

Are there defenses to cocaine trafficking?

In light of the amounts of cocaine produced in other parts of the world and brought into the United States through the Texas border, the state enacts harsh punishments on those they consider to be in violation of these laws. No matter what, cocaine trafficking is considered a felony, but penalties depends on the amount of cocaine being distributed.

A person can be charged with drug trafficking anytime cocaine passes hands from one person to another.

Some common defenses that can be used include:

  • Lack of knowledge of the crime being committed
  • Not realizing or being aware that what was being distributed was cocaine
  • Duress and force of harm unless the drug was distributed
  • Evidence was obtained through an illegal search and seizure

In addition to these possible defenses, Texas prosecutors may offer plea bargains to some individuals accused of trafficking in exchange for information regarding other trafficking investigations. A plea bargain can reduce or even eliminate some charges and penalties that a jury or judge conviction would bring.

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