Tips to Keep the Cost of Divorce Down

Tips to Keep the Cost of Divorce Down

One of the things that should never prevent someone from getting out of a marriage is worrying about the cost of divorce. When divorce is on the table, making the best decision for you and your family should be the primary concern. While divorce can be expensive, there are always ways that you can drive down the total cost of the process.

How can I minimize the cost of my divorce?

Divorce can be expensive. When a couple is engaged in months of litigation with one another, lawyer's fees, court costs, and other related expenses can quickly add up. But it is important to remember that not every divorce is the same and that you can work to ensure your divorce is handled efficiently, affordably, and amicably.

In order to keep costs down in divorce, you can:

  • Take advantage of free initial consultations to learn if an attorney is right for you.
  • Only fight the battles that really matter, such as those concerning child custody.
  • Use the time with your attorney efficiently by writing down a list of questions to ask.
  • Avoid calling your lawyer frequently and try and find some answers on your own.
  • Avoid litigation by discussing the option of mediation with your spouse.
  • Keep and organize all legal correspondence and try not to ask for multiple copies.
  • Use the attorney's paralegal and other legal team whenever possible.
  • Ask for a list of costs up front and what you can expect to be charged.
  • Be on time and prepared for any court dates when the attorney will be present.

The most important thing to remember is that a lawyer will be charging you for their time. The less time you use, the lower the cost of the total divorce. There are tons of online resources that you can use to answer basic questions. These money-saving tips can help you still get the divorce you want without burning through your pockets.

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