Why Were My Disability Benefits Denied?

Why Were My Disability Benefits Denied?

You will likely apply for Social Security Disability benefits when some illness or disability prevents you from working. These benefits are extremely important, as they help you keep your home and maintain your medical needs even though you are unable to obtain employment. While you may fully understand your need for benefits that does not mean that you will automatically get benefits. Unfortunately, a large amount of applications are denied every day for this much needed support.

Reasons Why SSDI Benefits Are Denied

Sadly, not everyone that applies for SSDI will be able to get the financial aid they need. In order to prevent yourself from being rejected for a claim, you should know why claims are often denied and use this to bolster your application.

SSDI claims are usually denied because a person:

  • Makes too much money from work to be considered disabled.
  • Committed fraud in their efforts to obtain benefits.
  • Is not considered seriously disabled or the disability will last less than 12 months.
  • Fails to provide the necessary information to the Social Security Administration.
  • Is currently in prison or were injured in connection with a convicted crime.
  • Became disabled in connection with an alcohol or drug addiction.
  • Continues to avoid a therapy regimen as outlined by a doctor.
  • Remains unreachable by the Social Security Administration.

Being approved for benefits can be extremely difficult. When you do not align with the strict guidelines detailed by the Social Security Administration, you may find yourself ineligible for these much-needed benefits. Take into consideration whether any of the above reasons could have been involved in your claim denial. If so, you may want to consider hiring the services of a Social Security Disability attorney to present your case. When your health and well-being is on the line, you should not hesitate to retain counsel.