Most Illegal Immigrants from Border Surge Missed Court Date

Most Illegal Immigrants from Border Surge Missed Court Date

In 2014, thousands of illegal immigrants from Central America streamed across the border seeking asylum and protected status.

In response to the influx, President Obama increased border enforcement, added more detention beds and immigration judges, and pressured political leaders in the immigrants’ home countries.

However, new data obtained by Fox News shows that the changes haven’t been effective in stopping the surge of undocumented immigrants.

As for the influx of women and children crossing the border, the numbers reveal that most of them never show up for their court dates.

According to Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, the strategy is a complete failure because a high percentage of the people being detained have melted into an even larger illegal population and they aren’t afraid of immigration enforcement.

The Department of Justice Executive Office of Immigration Review reports that 84 percent of the adults with children who were allowed to roam freely pending their trial never showed up to court, and less than 4 percent deported voluntarily.

The data requested by Fox News highlights the magnitude of the problem plaguing immigration officials.

While the ACLU and over 100 lawmakers at Capitol Hill are seeking to close the federal detention centers, calling them inhumane, it’s become clear that when women and children are released to society, it almost guarantees that they will fall off the government’s radar.

Vaughan said that now that they see that 85 percent of the people who weren’t detained before their immigration hearings failed to show up for their hearings, it illustrates the need for detention.

Belen Robles, a trustee at the El Paso Community College disagrees. When speaking at the annual conference of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials,

Robles said that many of the women and children are being terrorized in their own countries, and that’s the reason why they are fleeing.

Robles believes that once they arrive, they should be treated as human beings, not put in shelters or locked behind bars.

Of the families that were allowed to remain free after their initial court appearance, 84 percent failed to appear for subsequent court appearances, and they were never to be seen again.

The illegal immigrants roam freely throughout the U.S. In contrast, virtually all immigrants detained appeared before a judge.

Vaughan said that this is strong evidence that the Border Patrol was right all along, that they weren’t trying to make a plea for humanitarian status. These people knew that they would be allowed to stay.

Nevertheless, advocates are working hard to shut down the detention centers and around 130 House Democrats and 33 senators sought to have Immigration and Customs Enforcement stop detaining families all together.

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