Plano PD & NTTA Support the Red Thumb Movement

Plano PD & NTTA Support the Red Thumb Movement

We’re pleased to announce that the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), and the Plano Police Department are showing their support for the Red Thumb movement. The Red Thumb Movement is a safety campaign that aims to put a stop to distracted driving, namely texting and driving.

The campaign encourages drivers to paint their thumb red, or another part of their thumb to remind themselves not to text while driving, and to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel at all times.

North Texas residents can also show their support by wearing an NTTA “W8 2 TXT” thumb band, available for free at NTTA TollTag Stores. Essentially, people can do anything that will remind them to “STOP!” as they reach for their phone while they’re behind the wheel.

According to Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), distracted driving (cell-phone use, driver inattention or distraction) has become increasingly common and dangerous. In 2014, TxDOT reported 100,825 distracted driving crashes in Texas. Of those, 3,214 resulted in serious injuries and 468 fatalities.

In 2014, of 5,249 car accidents in Plano, 22 percent of them listed cellphone use, driver inattention or distraction as a contributing factor, according to Officer David Tilley, spokesman for the Plano Police Department.

Tilley said that of the car accidents in Texas last year, most of them could have been prevented if people had just put their phone down and not driven while distracted.

At its monthly board meeting on May 20, and with the support of several local police departments and the Dallas Fire and Rescue, the NTTA joined the Red Thumb movement.

Susan Slupecki, NTTA media and public relations manager said that drivers should put a Red Thumb band around their texting finger or thumb to remind them to “stop” when they’re driving and reaching for their phone.

Thumb bands are also available for free at any NTTA storefront, including the one located at 5900 W. Plano Parkway.

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