Monster Truck Recovery Leads to Police Shooting

Monster Truck Recovery Leads to Police Shooting

An alleged auto-theft scheme led DeSoto police Thursday to two collisions with stolen vehicles, three arrests, one officer struck by a car, and a man shot by a police officer.

According to authorities, the wounded man is expected to survive, and the officer who was struck only suffered minor injuries, and was not transported to the hospital.

The police are investigating whether a wounded man is connected to an alleged auto-theft scheme involving a pricey monster truck displayed to promote a new Plano restaurant scheduled to open in March.

D. Campbell, 57, of Hutchins was arrested on Sunday in DeSoto after officers found the expensive monster truck there. The truck, which is worth between $100,000 and $150,000, was parked in front of Shell Shack to advertise the upcoming opening of the new Plano restaurant.

The police say that Campbell stole the truck on Friday, Feb. 20, left the vehicle in thick brush and then reported its location to its owners in an effort to collect a cash reward.

Two days after the monster truck theft, Campbell led one of the truck’s co-owners, D. Hale to the truck hidden deep in the brush. Hale gave Campbell a $5,000 cash reward, and the two men went their separate ways, said DeSoto police.

A DeSoto police officer happened to see Campbell leaving the scene, and promptly arrested him on felony theft charges after asking him what was going on; his $5,000 reward money was confiscated.

Hale, one of the co-owners of the Shell Shack said that about $20,000 in stereo equipment was stolen from the truck, and one of its front tires ruptured. According to Hale, it appeared as if the person who was driving the truck didn’t realize how difficult the truck was to operate.

“It was not made for four-wheeling,” he said. “It was made for looks.”

Investigators soon received a tip that there were more cars connected to the monster truck theft, and they could be found in the 9200 block of Beckleyview, said DeSoto Police Spokesman Cpl. Nick Bristow.

The officers went out to the area and spotted a stolen pickup with dual back tires. A man and woman hopped inside the vehicle and began to drive away. The police tried to pull them over but the driver tried to evade them.

The pickup crashed in the 10000 block of Beckleyview, and the man jumped out of the truck and hopped into the passenger side of a Ford Mustang that had been waiting. An officer attempted to open the passenger-side door, but the driver threw the Mustang into reverse, striking an officer.

Another officer at the Mustang, striking the getaway driver, sending the Mustang crashing into a fence. The police arrested the passenger – the man who jumped out of the pickup truck, and the woman who was still sitting in the stolen pickup.

The wounded Mustang driver was transported to Methodist Dallas Medical Center. According to authorities, the Mustang was stolen in DeSoto, and the pickup was stolen in Grand Prairie.

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