Note in Pocket Leads to Arrest of "Black Hoodie Bandit"

Note in Pocket Leads to Arrest of "Black Hoodie Bandit"

According to federal authorities, a note stashed inside a woman’s jacket pocket led to the arrest of a woman who is believed to be the infamous “Black Hoodie Bandit.” The alleged bank robber is suspected of robbing up to 10 area banks in recent months.

D. Campbell of Arlington, 37, was taken into custody last week by Arlington officers, according to Acting U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas John Parker, and Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Dallas, Thomas Class Sr.

Bank employees around the area were on the lookout for the woman dubbed the “Black Hoodie Bandit.” After hitting nine First Convenience Bank branches and one tied to Woodforest National Bank, posters of the woman had been distributed to the branches of the banks that she had been hitting.

Last Monday, it all came to a head when Campbell visited a Kroger on S. Fielder Road in Arlington with a FCB inside the store. Already on alert, when two employees saw the woman, they immediately recognized her from the wanted posters, and Campbell apparently sensed that.

Campbell walked hurriedly past the bank employees, down an aisle and quickly exited the store, said a release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. By then, police spotted her vehicle, and officers were able to pull her over. The officers discovered that Campbell also had outstanding misdemeanor traffic warrants.

During the stop, the officer noticed a black jacket with a hood sitting on the front seat. After searching the pocket, the officer found a note saying, “This is a robbery,” and that the author “didn’t want to hurt anyone.” The officers got a search warrant, which turned up black gloves, a black beanie hat with a brim, dark sunglasses, and a black leather purse with metal studs, according to federal officials.

In Campbell’s vehicle, authorities found a ledger containing the addresses of several area banks that had been robbed since November 2014. The ledger contained dates that corresponded to bank robberies that occurred in the DFW area, according to federal officials.

On March 27, 2015, Campbell found herself standing in a federal courtroom; she will remain in federal custody pending a preliminary and detention hearing, scheduled for April 1.

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