52 White Supremacists Arrested for Trafficking Meth

52 White Supremacists Arrested for Trafficking Meth

On Friday, Nov. 20, the U.S. attorney announced that North Texas law enforcement arrested 52 white supremacist gang members, while taking down a massive methamphetamine trafficking ring.

The arrests stemmed from the second phase of an operation that was launched in 2014, federal officials said. All of the gang members who were arrested lived in Texas, with many of them living in and around Dallas.

According to the 61-count indictment, the groups has been operating in North Texas and in other areas between January 2013 and November 2015.

In addition to the drug charges, some of the defendants are facing firearms charges. Two other individuals have been charged, but are not in custody, said the federal authorities.

The seizure yielded 22 firearms and 40 pounds of methamphetamine.

Those arrested are either members of or linked to the following organizations:

  • The Peckerwoods
  • The White Knights
  • The Aryan Circle
  • The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas

The defendants were selling various illegal drugs throughout North Texas and elsewhere, including methamphetamine, authorities said.

In the first phase of the roundup, 37 members of various white supremacist groups and their associates were charged with federal offenses for their role in a methamphetamine conspiracy; they were charged in the Northern District of Texas. Of those, 36 were convicted and one is a fugitive.

The authorities said that up to 20 of the defendants were members of the Aryan Brotherhood, and two are members of the Law Familia drug cartel in Mexico.

The police said that some of the defendants are related, some of them are romantically involved, and some of them lived together.

The defendants were using stash houses and other locations to store the methamphetamine, the indictment stated.

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