Ex-Parole Officer Gets 6 Months for Accepting Bribes

Ex-Parole Officer Gets 6 Months for Accepting Bribes

An ex-parole officer who worked for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice was recently sentenced to six months in federal prison for taking bribes from a parolee, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

B. Polk, 32, of Dallas, is out on bail, but has to turn herself in on Jan. 6 to serve out her sentence.

Polk accepted thousands of dollars from a parolee and his wife, identified as Person A and Person B – in order to let the parolee flee to Mexico in 2010 and to let him know if the police were on his trail.

A convicted drug dealer, Person A was directly underneath Polk’s supervision, and his wife was Person B.

It all started back in August of 2007 when Polk told the parolee that she was heading to Florida to celebrate her birthday, authorities said.

The parolee initially left about $500 on Polk’s desk, as an apparent “birthday” gift, but two more cash payments of at least $500 followed between August of 2007 and March of 2010, which is when the parolee fled to Mexico to avoid being caught by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

In April 2010, Polk met the parolee’s wife at a Burger King near the Garland parole office and accepted $2,000, according to prosecutors. In exchange for the money, Polk agreed to lie and say that the parolee reported for parole, allowing the parolee to flee the country undetected by federal authorities.

Additionally, Polk said that she would check for any arrest warrants and notify the couple if she found any for the parolee. In June 2010, Polk accessed the FBI’s National Crime Information Center and the Texas Crime Information Center, which is when she found the warrant information and promptly forwarded the results of her search to the couple.

Polk’s defense lawyer sought leniency by telling the court that his client was working on a public information video that could be used to educate other public servants who may find themselves in a similar compromising situation.

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