Oil Change Totals Texan's SUV

Oil Change Totals Texan's SUV

Most of us don’t give our oil changes too much thought. We take our vehicles in when we’re supposed to and we trust that our mechanic knows what he’s doing. The last thing we expect is our mechanic to put in too much oil, only to find out days later that it’s ruined our engine.

But, that’s exactly what happened to one North Texan who ran into engine trouble while driving on a hilly mountain road with no shoulder.

J. and A. Welch were planning a road trip to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Married on July 28, 2012, they vowed to reenact that magical day every year.

This year, their plan was to exchange vows at Arches National Park in Utah.

According to Mr. Welch, before they headed to Utah, they got an oil change on July 24, 2015 at Wal-Mart Auto Care Center located at 15220 Montfort Drive in Dallas. The trouble didn’t start until three days later while the couple was driving through the mountains of Colorado.

Welch said that he heard the engine start to knock. There was no shoulder and there were a bunch of cars on the road. He told NBC 5 that he started to lose power.

It was a struggle, but the couple managed to avert a serious collision and made their way to a gas station. That’s when Welch pulled the dipstick out and saw that there was way too much oil.

The mechanic at the station agreed with Welch, he believed that having too much oil is what ruined the SUV’s engine.

Welch’s receipt from Wal-Mart indicated that the technicians used six quarts of oil, but the SUV’s owner’s manual says to use five. The SUV’s manual also warns that if too much oil is used, it could damage the engine.

The Welches had to have their SUV towed 800 miles to their mechanic in Texas, J. Gentry, the owner of Sachse Automotive. Like the Colorado mechanic, Gentry believes the engine was destroyed because too much oil was added during the oil change.

Gentry said that the couple SUV sustained $2,400 to $3,000 worth of damage at least. He also said that the hilly driving conditions, combined with too much oil can lead to engine failure.

When NBC 5 tried to shoot a video of the Dallas Wal-Mart, an employee ordered that all of the bays be closed.

The Welch family was met with a similar response from Wal-Mart’s insurance adjuster who denied the family’s claim – news that devastated the family who already lost thousands for a lost vacation, towing, and car rental costs.

Wal-Mart has agreed to send out an adjuster to re-inspect the SUV, but only after the couple has taken the engine apart at their own expense, NBC 5 reported.

Fortunately, the Welch family avoided a serious accident while driving in the Colorado Mountains, something that could’ve occurred with the engine failing while they were driving.

This story demonstrates how a technician’s negligence can lead to unnecessary losses – let us just be glad that it wasn’t a loss of life this time.

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