2 Injured When Car Veers Into Motorcycle in North Texas

2 Injured When Car Veers Into Motorcycle in North Texas

GRANBURY – Authorities are investigating an unusual crash where it appears as if a driver intentionally swerved into a motorcycle, sending the motorcycle and its riders tumbling down the roadway.

The incident happened on a rural North Texas road on Saturday afternoon (Oct. 17), and it was all caught on video by another motorcycle rider. The motorcycle rider injured in the crash, E. Sanders, insists that the driver of the car intentionally veered into his motorcycle.

Sanders suffered abrasions from the crash and his girlfriend was transported to a Fort Worth hospital with deep arm lacerations and a broken wrist.

According to Sanders, the collision happened on a country road about 5 miles north of Granbury. The video captured Sanders on his motorcycle, passing a white sedan on the two-lane country road.

Just as Sanders was passing the white car, the vehicle veered sharply to the left and over the double yellow center lane, throwing the motorcycle off balance and shooting the riders off the bike and onto the side of the road.

Dub Gillum, a spokesman for the Texas Highway Patrol and senior trooper said that the agency has viewed the video and the driver of the car may be facing felony charges.

To watch the video for yourself, click here.

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