SSDI: Are Some Conditions Automatically Approved?

SSDI: Are Some Conditions Automatically Approved?

As Dallas Social Security Disability attorneys, we are approached by individuals with all kinds of illnesses and medical conditions. We’re frequently asked, “Are some conditions automatically approved for Social Security Disability?”

Unfortunately, the short answer is “no.” Just because someone has a specific medical condition, such as cancer, cerebral palsy, or chronic heart failure, it doesn’t translate to an automatic approval.

However, we cannot ignore that some medical conditions are recognizably more serious than others. With that in mind, certain medical conditions do receive faster decisions.

The Social Security Administration looks at more than just the person’s medical condition, they must also review the applicant’s work history. In order for someone to receive Social Security Disability, they must have met the work requirements and “paid” into the system.

If the applicant is interested in applying for need-based Supplemental Security Income (SSI), he or she must meet the financial limits before their medical conditions are considered.

Serious Medical Conditions

Formal medical approval is always required when applying for SSDI, however, some medical conditions are so serious that they obviously meet the standards of a disability.

For the most serious of medical conditions, the Compassionate Allowances (CAL) initiative expedites the processing of certain SSDI and SSI claims.

While CAL is an internal method that speeds up the medical decision, it does not eliminate other requirements. For instance, an applicant may receive a medical allowance very quickly under CAL, but the five-month waiting period for SSDI is still applicable.

So, there are no “automatic medical approvals,” but the Social Security Administration does have other methods for expediting the medical decision process.

One example is Wounded Warriors: under this program wounded military members may receive expedited processing if their disability occurred while on active duty.

Another example is veterans who have received a Department of Veteran Affairs compensation rating of 100 percent – they too may receive expedited processing of their SSDI claim.

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