37 Immigrants Left Baking in South Texas Semi-Truck

37 Immigrants Left Baking in South Texas Semi-Truck

On Friday (Sep. 18), authorities received a call about suspicious activity involving an 18-wheeler at a truck stop in South Texas. When Frio County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at the scene, what they found were 37 illegal immigrants crammed into the back of a semi-truck, baking in the scorching Texas sun.

The truck was parked at the Road Ranger truck stop on Friday afternoon in Moore, Texas, just 45 miles south of San Antonio, and 43 miles north of the Cotulla Border Patrol checkpoint. It appears as if the truck loaded with aliens made it past the checkpoint without being discovered.

The tractor trailer was parked away from the gas pumps and someone at the station believed there was “suspicious activity” and called the authorities. According to a CBS News report, when deputies opened the back of the trailer, they discovered a total of 37 illegal aliens, baking in the hot sun.

Sgt. Jerry Reyna of the Frio County Sheriff’s Office called the Border Patrol at Cotulla for help, who called for backup support from agents in Laredo and San Antonio.

Reyna told KSAT-12 from San Antonio that someone saw hands reaching out of a small door on the back of the trailer, trying to unlock the door.

When deputies finally got the doors open, the illegal immigrants were real sweaty and dehydrated, and they were heat exhausted, said Reyna. He said that they had to literally drag some of them out of the back of the trailer because they weren’t able to walk by themselves.

The aliens said that they loaded into the truck in Laredo on Friday morning, and had been in the back of the truck for approximately five hours.

The driver of the big rig was taken into custody; he reportedly told the officials that he picked up the aliens on Friday morning in Laredo, about five hours earlier.

Some of the immigrants were taken to Frio Regional Hospital, while others were transported to other area hospitals for medical treatment. Though there hasn’t been any word yet about the status of the immigrants taken into custody, we do know that none of them remained hospitalized.

In a statement released by the Border Patrol to the San Antonio media, the case is being investigated by Homeland Security Investigation.

By late Friday afternoon, the tractor-trailer was towed away. The scene was littered with dozens of empty water bottles drank by those that were freed from the back of the sweltering trailer.

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