About Community Supervision in Texas

About Community Supervision in Texas

In Texas and across the nation there are two terms that are commonly confused – probation and parole. What do they mean and how are they different?

In Texas, probation or “community supervision” means the supervised release of an offender within the community instead of having him or her incarcerated in jail or prison. In contrast, “parole” means that someone is supervised in the community after an early release from prison.

In the past the state referred to community supervision as adult probation, but today Texas uses the term community supervision. There are many benefits of community supervision, specifically the fact that it keeps defendants out of jail and back at home where they belong.

Community supervision allows defendants to:

  • Live in the community
  • Work in the community
  • Support their families
  • Receive valuable rehabilitative services
  • Make restitution to any victims of their crimes

According to Collin County’s website, community supervision is the “single most used criminal punishment in the U.S. today.” The state contends that when community supervision is administered properly, it helps reintroduce defendants back into society, while reducing criminal behavior.

The state’s ultimate goal of community supervision is to stop the cycle of crime and prevent defendants from worsening and developing violent criminal behaviors.

Beyond the aforementioned goals, community supervision saves taxpayers a fortune. The vast prison population in Texas and the nation has taken a toll on the nation’s resources, placing a major economic burden on taxpayers in terms of building, maintaining and operating prisons.

The state does hold the belief that society must incarcerate the serious and violent criminals who endanger the safety of the community, but for nonviolent offenders, community supervision offers a more positive, cost-effective alternative.

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