Dallas PD's Quality of Life Initiative

Dallas PD's Quality of Life Initiative

DALLAS – In recent weeks the people of Dallas have seen an increase in aggressive panhandling in the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods, according to Assistant Chief Gary Tittle.

“The citizens are voicing their concerns and we are answering the call,” Chief Tittle said.

What constitutes aggressive panhandling? It involves the act of going up to a person and verbally confronting them, demanding them to donate money. It can also include blocking a sidewalk, or road in an effort to obtain money from passerby.

In response to the citizens’ pleas, the Dallas Police Department has launched the Quality of Life Initiative, which is the department’s effort to resolve the city’s panhandling problem. The initiative is in full force, running 16 hours a day, every day.

“We are going to focus on the downtown and surrounding areas first, and expand accordingly,” said Chief Tittle.

Panhandling is Illegal in the City of Dallas

According to the department, the goal is not to stop panhandlers from receiving help. Instead, the goal is to redirect them to the proper channels for receiving the help they need.

Panhandling is against the law in Dallas; it’s a Class C misdemeanor, punishable by a $500 fine.

If someone is experiencing extreme poverty, they do have several options for assistance. Rather than letting them ask for money from people on the Dallas streets, the department encourages anyone who wants to help by researching the various programs that give to the needy through churches, charities and other organizations.

The Dallas Police Department cautions the public that not all panhandlers are homeless, or in desperate need of help. Many are playing on the heartstrings of citizens who feel bad and hand over cash.

If a person violates the city’s panhandling law, they will be detained and they may be arrested. The Dallas Police Department has asked that citizens to call 911 if they observe any aggressive panhandling.

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