Dallas Police Search for Driver Who Ran Over a Dog

Dallas Police Search for Driver Who Ran Over a Dog

Dallas police are searching for the driver of an SUV who ran over a woman and her dog in a crosswalk at the intersection of Cedar Springs Road and Throckmorton on Saturday afternoon (Jan. 30).

The driver ran over the woman’s dog, and ran over her foot, knocking her to the ground; her dog died just minutes later.

H. Mosley and her friend were both walking their dogs on Cedar Springs Road in Dallas. Mosley said that the light had given them the indication to walk through the crosswalk.

They had only made it two steps into the crosswalk at Throckmorton when the SUV came up behind them and made a right turn, running over Mosley’s foot and her small dog.

“I’m still hurting, my foot still hurts, my arm hurts and my heart is hurting because of the loss of the love of my life,” Mosley said.

The whole incident was caught on surveillance cameras that were installed just three weeks earlier at a nearby restaurant. The cameras also recorded the SUV fleeing the scene after running over Mosley’s dog.

The restaurant with the cameras that recorded the incident was closed, but the owner of the restaurant was there and witnessed the incident. He immediately ran to Mosley’s side and rushed her dog to a vet clinic, where it died.

J. Friedman, co-owner of Zephyr restaurant said that he couldn’t believe that the person that didn’t wouldn’t come forward and say that was an accident.

Mosley has filed a police report.

Accidents Involving Personal Injury or Death

Since the driver of the SUV has not yet turned themselves in or been caught, we can’t say for sure which charges they would face, but we can say that leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime in Texas, especially when someone was injured.

Sec. 550.021 of the Transportation Code, accident involving personal injury or death, states that when a driver is involved in an accident that’s reasonably likely to cause injury or death to a person must:

  • Immediately stop at the accident scene, or as close as possible;
  • Immediately determine if any person involved in the accident is injured and in need of assistance; and
  • Remain at the scene until the above requirements are met.

Under Sec. 550.021, if someone flees the scene of an accident involving death or serious bodily injury, they are guilty of a felony in the third degree, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

If the accident involved non-serious injuries, the driver who fled the scene would face up to a $5,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison.

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