Social Media Threats Against TX Schools

Social Media Threats Against TX Schools

ARLINGTON, TX – In recent months, there have been more threats made against Arlington schools than Sergeant Mike Leonisio would like to admit, and it’s his job to investigate them.

“We had several toward the end of the last semester,” said Leonisio, the one in charge of overseeing Arlington PD’s School Resource Officer unit.

He said there were some threats made in November and December. He believes they arrested the students involved.

One of those threats involved Bowie High School.

In November 2015, the police received a tip about a Twitter post that displayed a picture of a handgun along with a message that said there was going to be a shooting at Bowie HS.

The threat was a hoax, but no one, especially Principal William Manley, was laughing.

Manley said that it’s difficult to have teaching and learning happening during the day when the students’ safety has been compromised.

“Safety and security is our number one priority, so as [threats] come in, we deal with them and put them at the top of the list.”

According to NBC 5, the police ended up arresting a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old in connection to the Twitter threats.

Manley made it clear that they take threats “very seriously.”

Arlington Police and Arlington ISD have had enough of the threats; they teamed up to launch a campaign, which will ensure that Arlington families understand the consequences of making threats against Texas schools.

Leonisio said that they aren’t thinking about the consequences of their actions, so he felt that it needed to be addressed.

Arlington PD and Arlington ISD began their campaign by posting two separate videos to their social media sites. One was designed for parents and the other for students, setting forth the criminal consequences for making threats.

“It’s a third degree felony offense, “said Leonisio. He added that it’s a very serious crime.

The Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office wanted students and parents to know that if someone makes a terroristic threat, they face up to 10 years in prison.

Parents are being urged to keep tabs on their teens’ social media activities, which will be discussed at Bowie High School on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

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