Dump Truck Used to Steal Plano ATM

Dump Truck Used to Steal Plano ATM

Sometimes just when we think we’ve seen it all, another “creative” crime is committed and the recent case of a Chase ATM being ripped out with a dump truck is a perfect example.

The story unfolded at the Chase bank located in the 3700 block of State Highway 121. An alarm went off at one of the bank’s ATMs and Plano police were called to the scene.

When the deputies arrived at the Chase bank, what they found was the wreckage of one of the bank’s drive-through ATMs that was mysteriously ripped out of the ground.

Ultimately, the police came to the conclusion that the suspect used a front-end loader to loosen the ATM so it could be removed from the location.

With the help of a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter, the police were able to locate the dump truck, which had the Chase ATM in the back.

Once the dump truck was located, the officers tried to get the driver to pull over, but he refused. That’s when the chase started. Officers chased the dump truck driver through Plano, Dallas and Hutchins before he was caught.

The pursuit involved multiple agencies, including Plano PD, Dallas PD, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, and Hutchins PD. The pursuit was aided by a DPS helicopter as well.

How was the driver of the dump truck captured? The officers deployed spike strips, which shredded the dump truck’s back passenger tires, finally ending the chase in Hutchins.

According to the police, the driver of the dump truck was L. James Jackson, 63, of Jackson. He was arrested and is now facing charges of theft and evading arrest.

As of Jan. 16, the investigators on the case told NBC 5 News that it was not clear if Jackson had partners or if he acted alone.

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