SSDI: Am I Still Disabled?

SSDI: Am I Still Disabled?

Have you been receiving Social Security Disability benefits and you just got a letter in the mail telling you that the Social Security Administration will be reviewing your medical condition?

If your answer is “yes,” we want you to know that the agency is required by law to periodically review the current medical conditions of people who are on disability to ensure that they still qualify for benefits.

Has your health improved? Or, is your disability still keeping you from returning to work? If your health has not improved and you cannot return to work, you should continue receiving your benefits.

Information Gathering Process

Assuming you received the letter about the review, the Social Security Administration will be reviewing certain information about you. In order to help them make a decision about your continuing disability, they will be gathering updated information about your medical condition.

The SSA will request your medical records from doctors, hospitals and other treating sources. They will ask about your medical condition and how it’s limiting your activities. They’ll also look at the results of your medical tests, and they’ll want to know which treatments you have received.

Will I need to do anything?

After the SSA conducts their own inquiry or review into your medical records, they still may need additional information. If that’s the case, they will ask you to make an appointment for a special test or examination, but you will not responsible for the cost; they will pay for it.

If your medical condition has improved and the SSA believes that you can return to work, your benefits will stop. If your medical condition still qualifies as a disability, your benefits will continue.

If the SSA decides to end your benefits and you disagree with their decision, you have the right to appeal your decision. A Dallas Social Security Disability attorney from our firm can help you file an appeal and get the agency to review the facts again, some of which they may have missed.

If you need assistance filing an appeal, contact The Zendeh Del Law Firm!