Texas 1st Grade Teacher Fired for Duct Tape Incident

Texas 1st Grade Teacher Fired for Duct Tape Incident

In November, animal rights advocates were outraged when a woman taped her dog’s mouth shut with duct tape. That story went viral on Facebook, but it didn’t take long before it made national headlines.

Just two months later, something similar has happened but much closer to home, and it didn’t involve one dog, it involved 22 first graders in Wichita Falls, Texas.

A first grade teacher at Zundy Elementary has been accused of putting duct tape on her students’ mouths for the entire day.

When the school district received complaints about the incident, it suspended the teacher, who is no longer employed with the school district, school officials said.

According to Ashley Thomas, the communications officer for Wichita Falls Independent School District, as soon as the administration learned about the incident, the teacher was placed on administrative leave while the district conducted an investigation.

On Monday, Thomas said that “as of this morning, she is no longer employed with the district.”

As upset parents began filing police reports, Child Protective Services and juvenile detectives launched an investigation into the incident to determine if criminal charges are in order.

Counselors at Zundy Elementary School gave all 22 of the students a questionnaire with 10 questions. The questionnaire revealed that the teacher told the students that it was a game and that she used the duct tape so the children would “be good.”

“According to our children, they’ve told us that she said it was for fun and that they shouldn’t tell their mom and dad because she didn’t want to get fired,” said T. Love, one of the student’s parents.

Love says that they decided to put their daughter into counseling. On Saturday night, her daughter woke up after having a bad dream. She told her mom that she dreamt that she was choking and couldn’t breathe because she had duct tape over her mouth, said Love.

Love told NBC 5 that she’s relieved that her daughter’s teacher is no longer at the school, however, she has contacted an attorney and is filing a lawsuit because of how the incident affected her daughter.

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