SSDI: Can You Perform Other Work?

SSDI: Can You Perform Other Work?

If you wish to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Administration is going to want to know about what type of work you were doing before the disability, and whether you can still perform the same duties.

The SSA needs this information, and in order for the agency to render a decision, they will want to know about your job, and how you did it. They will also want to know about what types of skills you learned on the job.

The SSA requests this information because it wants to see if you might be capable of doing any of your previous work. Remember, the SSA will not consider you to be disabled according to its rules unless your condition prevents you from performing your job or adjusting to other types of work.

The SSA will ask for information about your education and job training, as that information is used to help them determine if you can do another type of work.

If you cannot perform your current job, the organization will take a look at your whole picture, including your past work experience, your age, education and training to see if you might be able to do another type of job.

For example, let’s say that you were in a car accident and you can’t use your legs. Before the crash, you were a cashier who had to stand all day long.

While you may not be able to stand anymore, perhaps you can still do the work if you sat in a stool. Or, if that’s impractical, perhaps you can take a job as a receptionist or in data entry, neither of which require you to stand.

Are you able to do other types of work?

If the agency agrees that you cannot do the work you did before, it will consider the possibility of you doing another kind of work.

The agency will assess your age, educational background, and work experience. They consider these factors along with your capacity to work when deciding if you could adjust to a different type of work.

If after reviewing all of the above information, the SSA decides that you cannot perform another type of work, the agency will determine that you are disabled. Providing you have worked long enough to receive disability, you can begin collecting disability once you’re approved.

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