FBI and Cyber Crime

FBI and Cyber Crime

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the lead federal agency in charge of investigating cyber attacks by criminals and terrorists. The FBI considers cyber crime “incredibly serious – and growing.”

In fact, cyber attacks are becoming more dangerous, more common, and more sophisticated than ever before, says the FBI.

Who do these criminals target? They vary from the private and public sector networks to American companies, to universities, and everyday citizens.

American companies are attacked for their sensitive corporate data and trade secrets, while universities are targeted for their advanced scientific research.

American citizens on the other hand, are targeted by people who want to steal their identities (identity theft) to commit fraud or steal their money. Meanwhile, online predators go after children and teens for sex-related offenses.

Who commits cyber attacks?

Who commits these costly cyber attacks? According to the FBI, all kinds of people do it.

Cyber crime is often committed by computer geeks who want to brag, by criminals who want to steal people’s identities and sell them on the black market, by spies and terrorists who want to attack our nation, and by businesses who want to gain an edge over their competition by hacking into their websites.

To combat cyber crime, the FBI has developed the following:

  • A Cyber Division that’s located at the FBI’s Headquarters,
  • Cyber squads at the FBI headquarters and in each of its 56 field offices to investigate cyber crimes, such as child pornography, identity theft, and more,
  • Cyber Action Teams that travel all over the world to investigate computer intrusion cases,
  • To date, 93 Computer Crimes Task Forces all over the nation, and
  • The FBI is partnering with fellow federal agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense to combat cyber security.

The FBI says that the impact of cyber crime is staggering; each year billions of dollars is lost repairing systems that were the targets of such attacks. Some of these attacks have taken down vital computer systems, which ultimately disabled the work of emergency services, 911, hospitals, and banks.

Identity Theft & the Internet

In recent years, criminals have been turning to the Internet more frequently to commit identity theft, which occurs when someone steals someone else’s personal identifying information to commit either theft or fraud.

How does the FBI fight back? The FBI uses intelligence and cyber resources to track down identity thieves, arrest them, and prosecute them in federal court. Identity theft is one of the FBI’s top priorities.

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