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What are the Benefits of U.S. Citizenship?
What are the Benefits of U.S. Citizenship?

Should you, or should you not become a U.S. citizen? If you become a U.S. citizen, what are the benefits? Certainly you’ve heard people call the United States of America the “land of the free,” and you’ve heard that this is where people come to achieve the “American Dream,” ...

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Blog posts in September, 2016

  • Credit or Debit Card Abuse Charges in Plano

    These days, just about everyone has a debit card from a banking institution and most people have both credit and debit cards. While these little ...

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  • Underage Drinking Penalties in Dallas

    If you are a parent, you can certainly recall being a teenager and seeing other teens drink alcohol. If you’re like most, you might have watched as ...

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  • Marijuana Possession Charges in Plano

    As of this writing, 21 states have decriminalized marijuana possession offenses, including Colorado, Nevada, California, Nebraska, and Ohio. ...

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  • Qualifying for Social Security Disability

    Most of us must rely on our health so we can work and provide for ourselves, and so we can provide for our families. Whether you’re single, married, ...

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  • Federal Crimes Defined

    State crime, federal crime, what’s the difference? In the United States, we have state laws and federal laws. A federal crime is simply an offense ...

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  • DWI Accidents With Injuries

    As a Texas driver, you’re surely aware that driving while intoxicated (DWI) is against the law. Under Section 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code, DWI is ...

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  • Penalties for Forgery in Plano, Texas

    In life, it’s not uncommon for a husband or wife to sign their spouse’s name on a check for deposit, or on other important documents. A parent may do ...

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  • Exceptions to Naturalization Requirements

    While there are clear paths to citizenship and eligibility requirements, such as being able to read, write and speak English, U.S. immigration law has ...

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  • DWI Charges in Plano, Texas

    If you, or someone you love is facing driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in Plano, Texas, or any of the surrounding areas, you surely have ...

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