What Not to Do After a Car Accident

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

Odds are, most of us will be in at least one car accident, if not multiple accidents in our lifetime. That said, there is a right and a wrong way to act after a car accident. Because, if you make a mistake at a time when you’re not exactly thinking clearly, it could jeopardize the outcome of your personal injury claim.

Since we do not want injured parties to say and do anything that could negatively impact their personal injury settlement, we prepared a list of what NOT to do after a car accident. If you need to file a claim for compensation, don’t hesitate to contact our firm directly.

Here is what not to do after a car accident:

  • Do not drive away from the scene of the accident. You have a legal obligation to see if anyone was injured and if so, seek medical help right away. If you do not stop and call the police, you can face criminal charges, even if the accident was not your fault.
  • Do not fail to call the police. You have a legal duty to contact the police and inform them of the accident. The police can file a police report, which will come in handy during the claims process.
  • Do not admit fault at the accident scene, even if you think the accident was your fault. The accident may not be your fault at all, so you need to let the insurance companies determine fault. If you say, “I’m so sorry, it was all my fault” and it wasn’t your fault, the at-fault driver’s insurance company can use what you said against you to reduce or deny your claim.
  • Do not fail to get the other driver’s information. Be sure to ask for the other driver’s license number, insurance information, phone number, home address, vehicle registration info, and license plate number.
  • Don’t ignore eyewitnesses. If someone witnessed the crash, get their name and number so the insurance company can contact them.
  • Don’t forget about pictures. If you have your cellphone, take pictures and video to document the crash, the weather that day, and the surroundings at the time of the crash. Be sure to take pics of any skid marks and vehicle damage.
  • Don’t fail to seek medical attention. It can take days for the pain of a crash to surface, but you don’t want to wait that long to see a doctor and/or chiropractor. If you wait too long to seek medical treatment, the other side could argue that you “weren’t that hurt” and therefore deserve a lower settlement. Our advice is to see a doctor within 72 hours of the crash, but the sooner the better.

We hope this information helps you. If you are looking for a Plano car accident lawyer to represent you, contact The Zendeh Del Law Firm, PLLC to schedule a consultation.