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What is the Substance Use Treatment Program in Texas?
What is the Substance Use Treatment Program in Texas?

“Individuals who use illicit drugs are more likely to commit crimes, and it is common for many offenses, including violent crimes , to be committed by individuals who had used drugs or alcohol prior to committing the crime, or who were using at the time of the offense,” ...

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Blog posts in April, 2020

  • Flashing Yellow Lights in Texas Explained

    Let’s face it: A lot of people are confused about flashing yellow lights or even just yellow lights in general. What’s the difference between a ...

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  • Playground Accidents: Can Parents Sue?

    Playground injuries have been occurring since playgrounds were invented. Kids have fallen off monkey bars, they’ve been burned sliding down burning ...

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  • Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Texas?

    When someone is killed in an accident, because of another’s negligence, or even because of a wrongful act that was intentional, certain relatives of ...

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  • Are Social Security Survivor Benefits for Kids Taxable?

    According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), in 2017, the SSA distributed around $2.6 billion each month to roughly 4.2 million children ...

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  • How Do I Get a Motorcycle License in Texas?

    Are you interested in obtaining a Texas motorcycle license? If so, we understand your interest. Not only are motorcycles fun to ride, but they are ...

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  • Will COVID-19 Mean More Uninsured Motorist Claims?

    The novel coronavirus has affected virtually everyone living in the United States, whether they’re a U.S. citizen, a Green Card holder, or a non-U.S. ...

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  • Can I Travel Abroad Amid the COVID-19 Crisis?

    When the novel coronavirus first arrived in the United States, a lot of Americans didn’t know what to do or how to react. They had no idea what to ...

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  • USCIS Closes Offices Due to COVID-19

    As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic took the world by storm, public health departments across the country asked a significant number of ...

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  • Saving Money on Auto Insurance in Texas

    People don't usually say, “I want to spend as much as I possibly can on my auto insurance.” Instead, drivers are concerned about saving money on their ...

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