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Social Security’s Compassionate Allowances
Social Security’s Compassionate Allowances

When we’re young, full of energy and healthy, most of us don’t think that one day we’ll become disabled and unable to work, but the truth is that it happens to a lot of people. Life is full of the unexpected and things like car accidents , workplace accidents, exposure to ...

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Blog posts in July, 2020

  • Personal Injury: Will the Person Who Injured Me Get Punished?

    If you were injured in an accident and now you’re wanting to file a personal injury lawsuit, you may be wondering if the person who injured you will ...

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  • What it Means to Settle a Personal Injury Case

    When someone makes a mistake out of carelessness, recklessness, or negligence and they injure another person, the injured party (plaintiff) can file a ...

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  • Is Assault in Texas Punishable Under Civil and Criminal Law?

    You know it’s illegal in Texas to assault people. If you were to hit, kick, or punch someone, they can call 911, you can be arrested and charged with ...

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  • What Does ‘Tort’ Mean?

    If you were recently injured in an accident and you had a discussion or two about your situation with friends or family, you may have heard the word ...

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  • What if I Refuse to Give My Name to the Police?

    When you have an encounter with the police because you’re suspected of a crime, you may have the urge to be anonymous, to talk to them a little, but ...

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  • My Child Was Bullied at School – Who is Liable?

    Surely, you’ve heard the word “bullying” thrown around for years, but what does it mean exactly? According to stopbullying.gov , bullying is defined ...

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  • Parental Responsibility and Personal Injury Claims in Texas

    Do you remember when you were a child and you went into a drug store or another shop and someone told you, “If you break it, you have to pay for it.” ...

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  • When Should I Call the Police After an Accident in Texas?

    When you’re in a car accident for the first time, it’s not as if you inherently “know” exactly what to do. Usually, aside from getting the other ...

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  • Never Underestimate Your Injuries After a Car Accident

    When people think of car accidents , naturally they’re concerned about the possibility of catastrophic injuries, such as head injuries, spinal cord ...

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