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Taking Notes After an Accident
Taking Notes After an Accident

Whenever you’re in an accident that could give rise to a personal injury claim, it’s wise to take notes. These notes will come in very handy months down the road when your injuries are (hopefully) healed and your memory of the accident and what you went through are foggy. It ...

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Blog posts in June, 2020

  • What All Motorcycle Riders Need to Know in Texas

    Motorcycles are notorious for being loads of fun, cheap on gas, and they can get riders in and out of rush hour traffic in a breeze. Whether you ride ...

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  • Are You Thinking About Applying for Disability Benefits?

    Once you begin working and paying taxes, you start paying into the Social Security system. This happens automatically when Social Security taxes are ...

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  • Can Siblings File Wrongful Death Claims in Texas?

    When someone is killed because of another person’s or entity’s negligence, certain surviving family members can file what is called a “wrongful death” ...

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  • “Lifeguard On Duty” Doesn’t Mean It’s Safe

    When you go to a pool at a country club or a local recreation center or a city pool, you may see that lifeguard and suddenly, your mind is at ease. ...

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  • Summer Safety: Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars

    Even though people typically use their vehicles year-round, in the summertime, cars, trucks, and SUVs pose unique hazards to children that are ...

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  • USCIS June 4 Reopening

    In mid-March, President Donald Trump declared a national emergency because of the coronavirus pandemic, also known as “COVID-19.” Shortly after the ...

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  • Want to Avoid Summer Bummers? Follow These Tips!

    Most people look forward to the summertime when they can go camping, boating, hiking, swimming, and road tripping. But because the summer also means ...

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  • Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

    Are you a dog owner? If so, and one day you see your dog display aggressive behavior, it’s a cause for concern. The Animal Humane Society defines ...

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  • How Does a Drunk Person Sober Up Before Driving?

    “How does a drunk person sober up so they can drive safely?” is a question that a lot of people ask. While the question is coming from the right place ...

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