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Can I Collect SSDI if I Have Diabetes?
Can I Collect SSDI if I Have Diabetes?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for people who have become disabled for any reason. If you have disabilities related to diabetes, you may be eligible for SSDI. What Is Diabetes? Diabetes, Type I and Type II, is a condition created by a failing pancreas. Your ...

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  • What Are Exemplary Damages?

    In civil court, one person sues another for “damages.” Damages, in this context, is financial compensation. If you are injured by another person’s ...

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    Criminal charges are scary. Accusations of white-collar crimes can be particularly frightening. A person could go from making financial transactions ...

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  • Suing for a Hazing Injury

    Hazing is a way of ritualistically inducting new members into an organization. In media and pop culture, it is often associated with college ...

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  • Applying for a Green Card Has Become Easier

    Recent rulings by the Supreme Court could make it easier to request a “cancellation of removal.” This may, in turn, make it easier to apply for a ...

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  • Drug Possession Charges: Common Defenses

    Criminal law is heavily centered around the idea of intent. This is true even if you are unmistakably in possession of a controlled substance. Just ...

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  • Injuries You Could Sustain from a Dog Bite

    In legal terms, a dog bite is more than just the bite itself. If you were injured by the animal in any way, you could have grounds to sue its owner. ...

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  • Can I File a Premises Liability Suit if I’ve Been the Victim of a Crime?

    Premises liability is a kind of civil lawsuit where you sue a property owner after being injured on their property. Typically, successful premises ...

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  • How Does the “Marriage Penalty” Affect SSDI?

    What Is a Marriage Penalty? When filing your taxes, you must include your spouse’s income information. This is true whether you file jointly or ...

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  • Can You Sue Someone for Sexual Assault if They Have Already Been Convicted?

    If you’ve been the victim of any kind of violent attack, especially a sexual assault, you know how traumatic the experience is. In addition to the ...

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