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  • Warrantless Arrests in Texas
    Warrantless Arrests in Texas

    You’ve probably heard about arrest warrants; often, a judge or magistrate issues an arrest warrant when someone fails to appear in court as required, or when the state has enough evidence against a ...

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  • How Arrests Are Made in Texas
    How Arrests Are Made in Texas

    Just about everyone is familiar with arrests, but not everyone understands how the arrest process works. Generally, police officers must obtain arrest warrants (from a judge) before they can arrest ...

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  • What is a Bench Warrant?
    What is a Bench Warrant?

    You’ve probably heard about bench warrants and arrest warrants. More than likely, you’ve heard detectives on TV say, “There’s a warrant out for his arrest.” What is a bench warrant and how is it ...

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  • How Arrest Warrants are Issued
    How Arrest Warrants are Issued

    Not everyone understands how police obtain arrest warrants, how they collect evidence to convince a judge to sign off on a warrant, and what type of evidence is enough to make an arrest. If you ...

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