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Porch Pirate Law in Texas
Porch Pirate Law in Texas

Millions of Americans now do their shopping predominantly online, especially during the holidays and now a pandemic. Due to the fast turnaround, especially with Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping, it is easier and safer to have your purchases promptly delivered to your home. ...

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  • Can People Find Out if I Have a Criminal Record in Texas?

    Were you arrested in Texas? Or, were you convicted of a crime? Whether or not your arrest turned into a conviction, you may be wondering, “Is my ...

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  • Can Court Fines Be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

    Are you facing criminal charges in Texas? If you are convicted of a crime, you will be subjected to a fine, which depending on the facts of the case, ...

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  • Complaints Against Texas Law Enforcement

    While the majority of law enforcement officers are doing their best, trying to protect the community and keep our streets safe, we can’t ignore the ...

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  • What Shows Up on Background Checks

    If you are facing criminal charges, you have acquired a “criminal record,” which will turn up on a background check. Even if your case is dismissed or ...

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  • Warrantless Arrests in Texas

    You’ve probably heard about arrest warrants; often, a judge or magistrate issues an arrest warrant when someone fails to appear in court as required, ...

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  • How Arrests Are Made in Texas

    Just about everyone is familiar with arrests, but not everyone understands how the arrest process works. Generally, police officers must obtain arrest ...

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  • What is a Bench Warrant?

    You’ve probably heard about bench warrants and arrest warrants. More than likely, you’ve heard detectives on TV say, “There’s a warrant out for his ...

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  • Your Rights After an Arrest

    In Texas, when someone is arrested, he or she has specific rights, for example, once an arrest takes place, the arresting law enforcement agency must ...

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