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Capital Murder Charges in Texas
Capital Murder Charges in Texas

In Texas, criminal homicide is covered under Title 5, Chapter 19 of the Texas Penal Code. Under Section 19.01(a) of the Penal Code, it explains that one commits criminal homicide when he or she “intentionally, knowingly, recklessly, or with criminal negligence causes the ...

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Blog posts in Capital Murder

  • Death Row in Texas

    Not all jurisdictions have death penalty statutes (laws); however, the State of Texas does have the death penalty and therefore it has Death Row. ...

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  • 4 Types of Criminal Homicide in Texas

    Merriam-Webster defines homicide as, “a killing of one human being by another.” In Texas, criminal homicide is covered under Title 5, Chapter 19 of ...

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  • 3 Ways Criminal Cases Are Resolved

    If you are facing criminal charges for the first time in Texas, you probably have a lot of questions and reasonably so. “Will I be incarcerated? Will ...

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  • Death Penalty in Texas

    If you are under investigation for, or facing criminal charges for a homicide crime in Texas, you will be very interested in learning about the ...

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  • Capital Murder Charges in Plano, Texas

    Under Title 5, Chapter 19 of the Texas Penal Code, there are different degrees of “criminal homicide.” What constitutes criminal homicide? Under Sec. ...

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  • Three Arrested in Murder for Hire Plot

    Three have been arrested in connection with a murder for hire plot that played out on Feb. 27 in McKinney. C. Pokai, S. Brockway, and R. Rosser are ...

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  • Texas Woman Accused of Killing Fiancé's Toddler

    Plano – A 25-year-old woman is accused of killing her fiancé's two-year-old daughter within hours of being dumped by the girl's father. Melinda M. has ...

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  • Expansion Of Death Penalty In Texas

    In Texas, there are a large number of murders committed every year. Every year, the State of Texas commits a substantial portion of money to the ...

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  • Owner Of Dallas Bail Bonds Accused Of HIring Hit Man To KIll Partner

    Wow, it looks like James Beavers, a Dallas bail bondsman, was too close to the abyss and suddenly fell into it. He is charged with paying $2,000 to ...

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