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When Should I Call the Police After an Accident in Texas?
When Should I Call the Police After an Accident in Texas?

When you’re in a car accident for the first time, it’s not as if you inherently “know” exactly what to do. Usually, aside from getting the other driver’s information, people don’t know how to conduct themselves after a car accident, and this is understandable since it’s a ...

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  • Never Underestimate Your Injuries After a Car Accident

    When people think of car accidents , naturally they’re concerned about the possibility of catastrophic injuries, such as head injuries, spinal cord ...

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  • Why You Should Never Admit Fault After an Accident

    Car accidents are physically and emotionally exciting events, but not in the way starting a new job is exciting, winning a game, or riding a huge ...

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  • Taking Notes After an Accident

    Whenever you’re in an accident that could give rise to a personal injury claim, it’s wise to take notes. These notes will come in very handy months ...

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  • Do You Know the Dangers of Eating and Driving?

    Who doesn’t love food? Food is so much more than sustenance. Often, humans build lasting memories surrounding food. Food brings us together and it can ...

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  • Dogs and Distracted Driving

    Dogs can be the best pets. They can be smart, friendly, adorable, great companions, and security guards. Some people say they love their dogs more ...

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  • Does My Texas Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

    You want to take a summer road trip but you don’t want to put all the miles on your car so you want to rent a car instead. Or, you’re hopping on a ...

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  • Flashing Yellow Lights in Texas Explained

    Let’s face it: A lot of people are confused about flashing yellow lights or even just yellow lights in general. What’s the difference between a ...

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  • Will COVID-19 Mean More Uninsured Motorist Claims?

    The novel coronavirus has affected virtually everyone living in the United States, whether they’re a U.S. citizen, a Green Card holder, or a non-U.S. ...

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  • Saving Money on Auto Insurance in Texas

    People don't usually say, “I want to spend as much as I possibly can on my auto insurance.” Instead, drivers are concerned about saving money on their ...

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