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Creating Your Roadside Emergency Kit
Creating Your Roadside Emergency Kit

When it comes to driving, you never know when you’ll get a flat, when you’ll hit a deer, when your vehicle will slide on black ice, when it will hydroplane and land in a ditch, or when you’ll drive straight into a roadway hazard, such as a piece of tire or a piece of ...

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  • Should I Move My Vehicle After an Accident?

    Car accidents are “exciting” events and not in a good way; they tend to cause a rush of adrenaline. After a crash, your heart and mind can race and ...

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  • Why Driveways Can Be Dangerous for Kids

    You can probably recall playing in the driveway when you were a kid. To many families, the driveway is just an extension of the front yard and playing ...

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  • Duties Following an Injury Accident in Texas

    Car accidents happen every single day; they are extremely common events. But if you were to be involved in an injury accident, would you know what ...

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  • Can Allergy Medications Affect Driving?

    If you’re like most drivers, you are well-aware of the fact that alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive safely. You probably know that illicit ...

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  • Preventing Teen Drinking & Driving

    As a parent, one of the scariest things to imagine is your teenage son or daughter drinking and driving or getting into a car with another teen who ...

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  • Am I Covered if I Drive Someone Else's Car?

    People drive each other’s cars all the time. A sober person may drive a friend home because they have been drinking alcohol. A relative may drive a ...

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  • Why Speeding is Bad News

    Most drivers have driven too fast at some point in time. Perhaps a person sped while they were a new driver in high school and they didn’t know any ...

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  • Is it Safe to Drive With Your Pet?

    In Texas, it’s not uncommon to see pets roaming freely inside people’s cars. Sometimes, dogs are on people’s laps while they drive or they’re happily ...

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  • Tips for Driving in the Rain

    The rain can be a welcome surprise, especially because it means green lawns and flowers, but wet weather contributes to over one million car accidents ...

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