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Tips for Filing a Car Accident Claim in Texas
Tips for Filing a Car Accident Claim in Texas

Unfortunately, car accidents are extremely common events and your chances of being in at least one car accident within your lifetime are high. And like all things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to file a car accident claim. That being said, if you’re ever in a car ...

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  • What if I'm in an Accident and I Don't Have Insurance?

    All 50 states now require that drivers purchase auto insurance in order to drive legally. While the penalties vary from state-to-state, there can be ...

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  • What is a 'Total Loss' Vehicle?

    It can be very frustrating to have your vehicle totaled in a car accident , and if you financed the car and you still owe money on the auto loan, that ...

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  • Safety Tips for Teen Drivers in Texas

    For many parents, having their teenage son or daughter obtain their driver license is both a cause for celebration and worry at the same time. Car ...

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  • Is the Minimum Liability Coverage Enough?

    All states require drivers to purchase automobile insurance and to maintain it without a lapse in coverage. Auto insurance is critical because it ...

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  • Leading Causes of Death for Teens in the US

    If you are a parent of a teenager, it’s important to understand the leading causes of death for US teens. Why? Because, by arming yourself with this ...

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  • Pedestrians' Right of Way at Crosswalks

    There are crosswalks all over the place; their purpose is to protect pedestrians from being hit by cars. In Texas, drivers must yield the right of way ...

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  • Do Pedestrians Have the Right of Way in Texas?

    Most licensed drivers have heard about pedestrians having the right of way. But is this true 100% of the time? What if a pedestrian jaywalks and the ...

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  • Construction Car Accidents in Plano, Texas

    When you drive around Texas, it seems like there’s always some kind of road construction going on. Whether a freeway is being expanded, an overpass is ...

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  • Is My New Car Covered By My Auto Insurance?

    Most of the time, it can be a blast to buy a new car. There’s nothing like driving a car with that new car smell and the latest gadgets and ...

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