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Cocaine Trafficking Violates Texas Controlled Substances Act
Cocaine Trafficking Violates Texas Controlled Substances Act

As in all other states in the country, cocaine use, possession, sale, and trafficking is illegal in Texas. Cocaine trafficking is defined as knowingly selling, purchasing, delivering, or manufacturing cocaine. In fact, cocaine trafficking is in direct violation of the Texas ...

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Blog posts in Cocaine

  • Cocaine Used as Election Bribe

    More than just reputation is at stake for certain school board position in South Texas. A man is currently facing accusations that he gave out cocaine ...

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  • Man Arrested in East Texas for Drug & Money Trafficking

    A Wisconsin man was arrested in East Texas on suspicion of drug and money trafficking, which are federal violations. The United States District Court ...

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  • Brownsville Men Face Prison Sentence for their Role in a Drug Trafficking & Money Laundering Conspiracy

    Three Brownsville men have recently been sentenced to federal prison for the roles they played in a drug trafficking and money laundering conspiracy. ...

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  • South Texas Man Gets Life Term for Drug Operation

    A man from Corpus Christi, Texas was sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of helping to run a drug ring and concealing the proceeds ...

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  • Major Drug Lord Arrested in Mexico

    "El Chapo" is arguably the most powerful drug lord in Mexico, and runs a cartel that is a leading supplier of cocaine in the United States. The ...

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  • Anti-Drug Task Force Charged with Guarding Cocaine Shipments

    Even the authorities that are responsible for arresting and charging drug offenders in Texas can sometimes get into trouble. Recently, The Washington ...

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  • South Texas Man Pleads Guilty in Drug Case

    In Mcallen, Texas a group of wily drug dealers were sneaking around law enforcement and dealing illegal narcotics to willing buyers. They also ...

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  • Drug Possession and Sale Leads to 20 Year Sentence

    In Texas, a young man was sentenced last week to 20 years behind bars for possession of drugs and firearms. According to the police report, ...

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  • Federal Agents Raid Pecan Farm due to Reports of Drug Trafficking

    On Friday, federal agents told news sources that they had successfully terminated two major drug trafficking and money laundering operations. The ...

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